La Paz, Mexico: One of the Safest Cities in North America

LA PAZ, Mexico has established the La Paz Tourism Board and launched a comprehensive awareness campaign. The tourism board has released new data confirming that La Paz is one of the safest cities in all of North America. It offers details on approximately $1 billion in environmentally sensitive developments emerging over the next five years. Most importantly, the city near the southern tip of Baja California, is gradually revealing what a few travelers and second-home owners from the U.S., mainland Mexico, and around the world have discovered: That it is a place blessed with great natural, recreational and cultural abundance.

“Those who have had the good fortune of discovering La Paz on their own have found that it offers a rare combination of overwhelming beauty, sense of community and balanced infrastructure”

The awareness campaign has been named, La Paz: City of Peace and Abundance on the Sea of Cortez, and the launch event and campaign kick-off takes place Tuesday, June 14, from the Costa Baja Resort in La Paz, Mexico. The campaign continues to the US for a media and community relations event on June 28 in the city of Redondo Beach, California, to announce a declaration of peace amongst sister cities.

“Those who have had the good fortune of discovering La Paz on their own have found that it offers a rare combination of overwhelming beauty, sense of community and balanced infrastructure,” said Agustin Olachea, President of La Paz Tourism Board, and spokesperson for the La Paz Developers Tourism Council. “The awareness campaign ensures that La Paz – whose name is literally ‘Peace’ in Spanish – is recognized as one of the world’s most safe and secure cities.”

According to Irvine-based research group, Competitive Analytics, La Paz is one of the safest cities in the world. When La Paz (population, 220,000) is ranked among California (U.S.) cities between 100,000 and 500,000, it is the third-safest in murder and manslaughter in 2009, the latest year available for an accurately averaged comparison.

This peaceful environment has encouraged a select set of international developers to create new hospitality and residential destinations. These emerging resorts and master-planned developments serve travelers and second-home owners who prize both unending natural places to discover a healthy, cosmopolitan community life. Developments include Costa Baja Resort, Paraiso del Mar, Playa de la Paz, Azul de Cortez, Bahía de los Sueños and Maravia.

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About La Paz

La Paz, capital of the State of Baja California Sur, is a very beautiful place, full of contrasts on its landscapes, with its desert, naturally decorated with cactus and beautiful beaches, separates the land from the sea, in a slant of color that impacts the pupil, creating a post card panorama that you will enjoy.
La Paz Bay is recognized for the tranquility of its waters, spectacular sunsets and wide turquoise color scale that blur its beaches waters. The city is characterized for its tranquility and calm living way, a place that makes a great show of its name, “La Paz” (The Peace), and that has become a world level recognized rest and retirement destination. The hospitality and warmness of its people make La Paz a comfortable and peaceful place.

La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico


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