Real Heroes of Mexico

Real Heroes of Mexico

“Your Real Heroes of Mexico program is sensational. Really. Thank you for bringing to the world the real people, real life, real heroes of Mexico.” - John Hillock, Executive Director, Condé Nast Traveler

‘The Real Heroes of Mexico’ is a one-of-a-kind, goodwill project created to recognize the ongoing community efforts and positive, inspirational stories taking place in Mexico today. From delivering babies, rescuing animals, building houses, feeding the hungry, battling negative press, this grassroots effort showcases their acts of kindness, their achievements and dedication and allows for others to learn about and celebrate their amazing efforts.

In tune with the mission to showcase the good news about Mexico, creator and editor of The Mexico Report, Susie Albin-Najera launched the 'Real Heroes of Mexico' in January 2012 as a way to showcase the true champions of Mexico, the unsung heroes in the community and those celebrating Mexican culture through their goodwill efforts and hard work.  

We see everyday people in Mexico, doing amazing things in the community, in business, in the environment, in their homes, in non-profits and all around who go above and beyond, and most go unrecognized. Our goal is to recognize and showcase their efforts, their bravery, their kindness, their achievements, their positive, inspirational stories and share them with the world!

1st Edition – Real Heroes of Mexico

2nd Edition – Real Heroes of Mexico

3rd Edition – Real Heroes of Mexico

Become a Real Heroes of Mexico ambassador! If you would like to join our list of ambassadors, please email info (at) themexicoreport. This core nominating team has their eye on Mexico, those who are eager to join in on this mission to nominate heroes in Mexico; those who are also passionate about identifying and showcasing the good in Mexico. 

The Real Heroes of Mexico Books from The Mexico Report Susie Albin-Najera, editor of The Mexico Report and Creator of The Real Heroes of Mexico in Nov '13 Image & Style Magazine

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