Actress Gabriela de la Garza Discusses Her Most Important Role in Mexico: Giving Back

Gabriela de la Garza

Actress Gabriela de la Garza

Gabriela de la Garza is a well-known actress in Mexico with an impressive portfolio of work, from modeling to television, film and theatre to taking an active role in the community. Recently I had the opportunity to meet with her, thanks to Aida Bernal of Spellbound Entertainment, to discuss her activity in the community and what Mexico means to her.

What I learned and enjoyed hearing most in the interview was that she utilizes her celebrity to bring awareness to the issues that matter most in her life such as education, the environment and women and children’s issues.

Gaby was born in Mexico City to musical parents: Sergio de la Garza Richardson (pianist) and Carmen Tames Mejia (organist) and is the granddaughter to Manuel Tames “Regulo”, one of the most recognizable faces from Mexico’s Golden Film Era.

Raised in Mexico City and Guadalajara, she developed her musical skills and went on to study contemporary dance at the prestigious Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. Concurrently, she began booking commercials and print/modeling jobs for Ford Models and other international agencies. She became a host for then popular music show “Ya-TV” produced by HBO and Warner Music that aired in South America, Mexico and Miami.

Without leaving her artistic endeavors behind, she received a degree in Psychology from the distinguished Iberoamericana University in Mexico City.

Gaby at PF Change charity event

Gaby at PF Change charity event

Gabriela has become one the best known actresses in Mexico. She landed a small role as an avatar in 20th Century Fox’s 2009 hit “Dragonball Evolution” and in 2010 she had leading roles in two hit television series: “Bienes Raices” and the hugely popular “Las Aparicio” as well as several independent films.

Gabriela’s passion for theater has led her to produce and star in several plays in Mexico: “Una Pareja Perfecta” (A Perfect Couple), “Hamlet Garcia” and “The Shape of Things” among others. Gabriela received Best Actress in a Leading Role honors in the 2010 Argentina International Telenovela Festival (FyMTI) for “Las Aparicio”.

Gabriela landed the lead role on the critical acclaimed HBO Latino series, “Capadocia” which will air in Mexico, the U.S. and Latin America in 2012. Her film, “Nos Vemos Papa” (See You Dad) premiered at the 2011 Morelia Film Festival and her film “El Fantastico Mundo De Juan Orol” had its gala premiere in Mexico City in December 2011. Orol will also go the Guadalajara Film Festival in March 2012.

1. Where area of Mexico City are you from and where did you grow up?

I am from Mexico, City. Born and raised in Colonia Condesa and San Miguel Chapultepec, near Chapultepec one of the big lungs of the city.

Gabriela de la Garza at a Greenpeace event

Gabriela de la Garza at a Greenpeace event

2. What organizations are you involved with now?

Greenpeace Mexico, Levantemos la mano por la educacion (Raise our hands for education) who are very concerned about the quality in public schools in Mexico and InMujeresDF (Women Institute of D.F.) who work every day for women’s rights.

3. What do you do for (or with) the organizations?

I’m an activist and I can’t bear injustice. I feel that I have the obligation to work and fight to live in a better world with better opportunities for everyone particularly women and children and that includes our planet. With these organizations, I try everyday to make everyone understand that together, we can make the change.

4. Why is important for you to give back to your communities in Mexico?

Because our lack of everything is huge! I’m especially interested in education – I want Mexico to be a great country for everybody not just a few.

5. Can you share a special memory from your volunteer work that left a lasting impact on you?

When I went to visit the women in jail for research on my character (I play the role of a police officer who infiltrates a private women’s prison in the 3rd season of HBO Latino’s critically acclaimed “Capadocia” series) to begin shooting Capadocia, I was saddened and moved by how some of them live in there with their little kids. They don’t have milk, diapers, clothes and the basic things to take care of them properly. Not to mention toys. It’s a tough life for both mothers and babies.

6. Being from Mexico, what do you want people to know about your country?

Even though we are living a difficult time, Mexico is a great country with awesome people. I’m proud to be Mexican and I want the whole world to really know us.

For more information on Gabriela de la Garza, visit IMDB or contact Spellbound Entertainment.


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  1. Hector Garcia
    2013-10-03 at 6:35 am

    @gadelagarza is a marvelous actress, a wonderful woman and an extraordinary human being!

  2. Guillermo De La Garza
    2012-09-24 at 2:25 pm

    Gabriela not only is a versital actress & an inspiration to all women of the world with her willingness & determination to stand up for them & their children be it in the reform of prisons or saving the planet from global warming. I am proud to be fortunate enough to carry the same surname as she & can only hope to bring the same virtues & respect that she consistantly does to the De La Garza coat of arms.

  3. Alina
    2012-01-20 at 8:12 am

    Brazil loves Gabriela!!

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