Volaris, Mexico’s First Airline with a Sustainable Perspective, Celebrates Second Anniversary of ‘Por el Cielo Azul’ (For Blue Skies) Environmental Program

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The MEXICO Report
By Susie Albin-Najera

Volaris actively implementing strategies to improve the environment

Volaris, Mexico’s largest, low-cost, high-efficiency airline, recently announced the second anniversary of its ‘Por Un Cielo Azul’ (For Blue Skies) environmental program.  The program has transformed them into the only national airline in Mexico with a sustainable focus, reflecting the company’s remarkable sense of commitment and social responsibility.

Through the program, Volaris is contributing to the reduction of environmental pollutants not just favoring the carrier’s direct customers, but also society in general. Some of the advantages offered by Volaris include operating the country’s most
modern fleet, averaging some 3.2 years, which in addition to guaranteeing fewer CO2 emissions by saving fuel on each flight, reduces sound pollution levels to those significantly beneath the competition’s.

Through the creation of the “Green Team”, Volaris has taken firm steps towards reducing negative impact on the environment, including:

  • Development of permanent programs for fuel savings, waste separation, and water and oil recycling on all processes
  • Water savings of up to 40% on each flight, by transporting strictly what is needed on each trip, thus reducing excess weight
  • Use of eco-friendly materials; recyclable or biodegradable airsick bags, napkins, cups, and wrappings
  • Use of ultra-light materials in manufacturing service cars and racks, generating less weight and fuel savings
  • Implementation of employee activities where the airline’s Ambassadors partake in activities such as turtle releases, reforestation, beach and forest clean-up efforts, among many others
  • Use of special stickers on all aircrafts, which pollute much less than traditional painting.

Likewise, and in conjunction with the environmental organization Pronatura, Volaris promotes reducing pollutants at the company’s corporate offices in Santa Fe and Toluca, as well as their Virtual Air Terminal, by purchasing the so-called carbon bonds towards reforestation activities in Mexico’s southeastern region.

The abovementioned actions contributed to the airline becoming the recipient of IATA’s “Latin American Green Airline” Award, which was presented for their ecological responsibility.

Volaris is also the first airline in Latin America to receive the ISO 14001 Certification in 2009, after having successfully established a system for environmental management. Aware of its achievements to date, Volaris is clear on its intent to make sure these efforts are constant and the airline has established short and medium term goals that will consolidate them as the leading sustainable company in the industry. Some of these goals include using biofuels and implementing point to point routes, which are more direct and therefore generate greater resource efficiencies in terms of time and fuel.

Day after day, Volaris strengthens its internal culture, promoting that ambassadors take these actions beyond the office and into their homes, to transform their family life as well. Volaris openly invites other airlines to join in on these efforts, to improve the environment and the world we all live in.

About Volaris
Volaris is Mexico’s most efficient low-cost airline, offering its customers a unique travel experience, operating the country’s youngest and most modern fleet averaging 3.2 years in service.  Volaris is the only airline in Mexico that offers an on-time guarantee on its 40 routes connecting 23 cities in Mexico and three in the U.S. including Los Angeles, Oakland/San Francisco and San José, California. The carrier started operations in March 2006 and has more than 1,600 employees committed to offering outstanding service to clients and suppliers. Visit company profile here.

Contact info:

Note: Recently, my husband, Rick had an opportunity to travel on business from Los Angeles to Cancun via Volaris.  It was his first time flying Volaris. Although the selection of flight options was small, the experience was great.  He was pleased to find ample leg room (which you rarely find on airlines these days), friendly service and on time departure and arrival. They also had fully bilingual operators available to speak with regarding flight options.

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