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The Mexico Report loves to support authors, especially those who uncover and elevate Mexico’s rich cultural offerings through art, cuisine, people and more. These published works below are a sampling of an author’s time, research and love beautifully presented to you. Additional kudos to each of these authors as they are part of our Facebook group: Mexico Travel Writers, Bloggers, Vloggers & Photographers.

If you have a Mexico book recommendation for 2018, please include in the comments section below so we can add and showcase their work. Enjoy! 

Frida Kahlo at Home by Suzanne Barbezat

Frida Kahlo at Home by Suzanne Barbezat

Frida Kahlo at Home by Suzanne Barbezat

Travel writer, tour guide and now author, Suzanne Barbezat delivers her own masterpiece in her first book, Frida Kahlo at Home.

When I first heard Suzanne was writing a book on Frida, it seemed like a natural progression in her career, since she is a travel writer and tour guide escorting visitors (mentally and physically) through Mexico’s rich cultural offerings. Suzanne’s style and sophisticated descriptions of Frida’s life are reflected much like a richter scale, in fluctuating, real terms. 

We learn of the intimate struggles of Frida’s life from childhood, being born with the burden of polio then as a young adult involved in a serious accident causing lifelong ailments; to adulthood living with and marrying a creative yet perpetual adulterer, and suppressing resentment. Then throw in political scandal, international turmoil, relocations and more affairs on both sides, all while creating masterful pieces of painted art. 

As the Mexico Travel expert for Tripsavvy (previously since 2006 and the local expert for Oaxaca on, Suzanne shares her knowledge of the country and information for travelers about destinations, attractions, cultural traditions, food, events, and much more. Suzanne is also a licensed tour guide in Mexico: she and her husband offer tourist excursions through their company Discover Oaxaca Tours. She is based in Oaxaca where she lives with her husband Benito and their two kids. 

Frida at Home is a beautiful gift to receive or to gift someone and can be purchased on 


Mexican Kaleidoscope by Tony Burton


Mexican Kaleidoscope by Tony Burton

Mexican Kaleidoscope by Tony Burton

According to its description, Mexican Kaleidoscope delves into Mexico’s rich history and culture. It focuses on a fascinating selection of events, individuals, myths and mysteries to explore some of the reasons why Mexico has become such an extraordinarily diverse and interesting nation.

The 30 short chapters of Mexican Kaleidoscope span the entire range of time periods, from long before the Spanish conquest to the modern day. The topics considered range from cuisine, Aztec farming, Mayan pyramids, sheep and superstitions to mythical cities, aerial warfare, art, music and the true origins of Mexico’s national symbols. Along the way, it reveals many unusual, strange, weird and wonderful aspects of Mexico.

Mexican Kaleidoscope unravels some of the many forces that have helped shape Mexico’s history and culture and helps us understand the appeal and mystique of this engaging country.

Purchase Mexican Kaleidoscope on Amazon.


Seven Days in the Valle: Baja California’s Wine Country Cuisine by W. Scott Koenig and forward by Nicholas Gilman


Seven Days in the Valle:Baja California's Wine Country Cuisine by W. Scott Koenig

Seven Days in the Valle:Baja California’s Wine Country Cuisine by
W. Scott Koenig

As huge fans of Valle de Guadalupe, we are excited to get our hands on this book. According to its description, Seven Days In The Valle: Baja California’s Wine Country Cuisine documents the lives, cuisine and restaurants of seven of Baja California’s most talented chefs working in the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s main wine-producing region. In the last decade, the Valle has become a hot international destination for its wine and food.

Through more than 100 full color photos, narrative and intimate interviews with the chefs, the book captures their thoughts on Baja California cuisine, their feelings about the Valle, its future and a bit of their souls in the process.

The book features: Drew Deckman of Deckman’s en El Mogor, Esthela Martínez of La Cocina de Doña Esthela, Roberto Alcocer of Malva, Miguel Angel Guerrero of La Esperanza, Sheyla Alvarado of Traslomita, Diego Hernandez of Corazon de Tierra, and Javier Plascencia of Finca Altozano.

Purchase Seven Days In The Valle: Baja California’s Wine Country Cuisine on 


Frutas  y Verduras: A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico by Margaret Hefner


Frutas y Verduras: A Fresh Food Lover's Guide to Mexico by Margaret Hefner

Frutas y Verduras: A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico by Margaret Hefner

According to its description, this is guide is about helping you discover ingredients all around Mexico. From ‘Aguacate to Zapote Negro’, with this handy guide you’ll have a wealth of information to refer to when you shop the mercados or encounter street-side vendors. From the fruits of the many cacti that thrive in arid climates, to the tropical rainforest fruits, Frutas y Verduras presents you with a range of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs that define the flavors of each region. Many are not commonly found outside of Mexico, and the experience of tasting foods so unique and authentic is priceless. Colorful slide shows make it easy to identify what’s what. Once you know what you’re looking at, refer to the guide’s many features…

• When it’s ripe
• What it tastes like
• How to pronounce it (audio)
• How to prepare it – with prep notes, and simple recipes

Download Frutas y Verduras on iTunes


Are you a Mexico book author? If so, submit your book in the comments section. Do you have a Mexico book to recommend?

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