Exclusive Day of the Dead Experience in Oaxaca

Discover Oaxaca Tours Offers Exclusive Day of the Dead Trip

Travelers get up close and personal with local customs and traditions in Oaxaca, Mexico

Day of of the Dead Tour; photo courtesy of Discover Oaxaca Tours

Day of of the Dead Tour; photo courtesy of Discover Oaxaca Tours

Discover Oaxaca Tours, a travel company specializing in intimate, hand-crafted tours, is offering an exclusive trip to Oaxaca for the area’s annual Day of the Dead festivities from October 28 to November 4, 2013. This trip offers travelers an immersion into the region’s unique culture via the traditions, food, and drink that define it, as well as a chance to witness this yearly celebration in a place where traditions run very strong.

Day of the Dead is one of Mexico’s most significant and unique holidays, and Oaxaca is among a few places where it is celebrated with great color and fanfare. The holiday combines pre-Hispanic beliefs with Catholic traditions. Locals believe that the veil between the living and dead is lifted at this time, and the spirits return for a brief visit with their living relatives. Families gather to remember and honor the dead in many ways: altars are prepared and graves are decorated with candles, flowers, and the foods and drinks that were once enjoyed by those who have passed on.

Travelers on this tour will experience the best of Oaxaca’s attractions including archaeological sites, colonial architecture, indigenous markets and handicraft villages, as well as participating in special Day of the Dead activities. Trip highlights include:

• Touring the ancient Zapotec capital at Monte Alban and learning about the Pre-Hispanic roots of Day of the Dead

• Visiting a local Zapotec family in their home to learn about their way of life and how they celebrate this important holiday

• Strolling through local markets to discover a vast array of chiles, herbs, and other regional ingredients

• Meeting with master artisans and seeing how they produce their crafts

• Enjoying Oaxaca’s regional cuisine and locally produced mezcal

• Participating in a comparsa, a carnival-like celebration with fantastical costumes, music and dancing

On this journey travelers will have the opportunity to witness these special celebrations first-hand and take part in the festivities. They will learn about the history of the Day of the Dead holiday, how it has changed over time, how it is observed today, and the significance of the celebration for the people of Oaxaca.

For Discover Oaxaca Tours co-founder Suzanne Barbezat, Day of the Dead is the perfect time to visit Oaxaca. “Oaxaca is special any time of the year, but during Day of the Dead it is especially magical. It’s like a flower in bloom: colors are brighter, everything is more intense, more heady.” Her husband and business partner, Benito Hernandez, agrees: “During the Day of the Dead season Oaxacan culture is at its most vibrant. This is the greatest celebration of the year. Visitors who experience it find that it creates memories for them that last a lifetime.”

Package includes lodging, expert guide service, comfortable and secure ground transportation in Oaxaca, admission fees to museums and archaeological sites, all group events included in the itinerary, daily breakfast, and two group dinners. The trip is limited to 12 participants.

See full itinerary and cost here.

For more information about Discover Oaxaca visit www.discover-oaxaca.com

About Oaxaca

Oaxaca city is located in a valley of the Sierra Madre mountain range in southern Mexico, in the state of the same name. The UNESCO-listed city is known for its grandiose Dominican architecture, splendid handicrafts, and fascinating archaeological sites. It is a land of breathtaking vistas, and home to a large and varied indigenous population, with 16 different ethno-linguistic groups.

About Discover Oaxaca Tours

Owned and operated by Suzanne Barbezat and Benito Hernández, Discover Oaxaca Tours seeks to offer travelers deeper insight into Mexico and the wealth of experiences it offers by providing intimate excursions that bring visitors in touch with its natural and cultural bounties.

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