Safety Facts About Mexico

Lonely Planet Travel Writer Provides Facts About Safety in Mexico

Is Mexico safe for tourists? Lonely Planet Travel Writer Robert Reid addressed that question recently in an article reprinted by the Huffington Post. In fact, after reviewing the facts, Reid turned the question on its head, asking “Are Americans Safer in Mexico than at Home?”

Reid noted “What you don’t get from most reports in the US is statistical evidence that Americans are less likely to face violence on average in Mexico than at home, particularly when you zero in on Mexico’s most popular travel destinations.”

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  1. Maria Ruiz
    2012-05-26 at 7:51 am

    On the safety of living in Mexico. After living in the U.S. for 58 years and traveling around the world for ten, we’ve settled in Mexico to spend our remaining years. The truth about any place one lives, is that they must use their brains. We don’t hang out in bars and invite our ‘drinking buddies’ home. We don’t go to deserted beaches, alleys, etc. at four in the morning. We pick our friends carefully. Mexico is no different in that respect than San Francisco, Bangkok, Cape Town or Buenos Aires. The advantages of living in Mexico are so numerous that it would take a complete essay to list. Of course, there can be the occasional ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ happening, but that can happen anywhere in the world. I have never felt in danger anywhere I’ve lived or traveled.

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