Tizapán el Alto Prepares for October Festival (Fiestas de Octubre)

South of Guadalajara, the town of Tizapán el Alto, Jalisco, celebrates its ‘October Festival’ in celebration of El Templo de San Francisco de Asis

Tizapán el Alto Prepares for October Festival (Fiestas de Octubre)
September 26th will mark the first day of an annual nine-day “Fiestas de Octubre” festival in Tizapán el Alto, Jalisco, Mexico known as the ‘October Festival’ to celebrate the construction of its most important structure and saint, El Templo de San Francisco de Asis. Construction on El Templo began in 1836 and was completed and inaugurated on October 4, 1905, hence last day of festival celebration is October 4th. Each year, the October Festival draws more than 10,000 visitors and locals alike to this wonderfully vibrant event.

Tizapán el Alto Prepares for October Festival (Fiestas de Octubre)

The festival kicks off with a parade The festival kicks off with a parade or pilgrimages (peregrinaciones) to the church as people from each barrio carry flags of La Virgen De Guadalupe and their Saints, flowers, balloons, and signs and drop them at El Templo. There are two peregrinaciones a day and approximately 300 people walk in each parade. Each parade has a special theme, including one day when all of the children from the surrounding barrios participate by walking, singing and dancing. It is customary for townspeople to bring flowers and place them at El Templo after each parade.

More than 1,000 people a day attend the festival to see the parades and partake in the fair that includes rides, food stands (tacos, pozole, sopes, alcoholic drinks), kids pottery stands and more.  There are also Mariachis, bandas, singers and dancers throughout the plaza. People visit the church everyday in the morning, afternoon and night and fireworks can also be seen nightly at 10:00 p.m. at the entrance of El Templo. Decorated cars with stages resembling religious reenactments can also be seen at this spectacular extravaganza.

The day before the last day of celebration at 12:00 midnight, a Mariachi ensemble delights a packed house inside the church by honoring the Saint, San Francisco de Asis with ‘Las Mañanitas’ birthday song, followed by a mass.

Major airlines service Guadalajara such as Alaska Air, Mexicana, Aeromexico and American Airlines. A taxi, shuttle or car rental can be arranged at the airport to transport you to Tizapan, which is located approximately two hours or less from Guadalajara.

Many hotelscan be found close to Tizapán or try those surrounding Lake Chapala.
For more information on Fiestas de Octubre in Tizapán, visit www.tizapan.com.  

Source: Pablo Rodriguez, correspondent
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