From Cantinas to Coliseums, Opera Tenor Jorge Jiménez Performs Benefit Concert in Puerto Vallarta

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Contributed by Laura Gelazunas, TV Puerto Vallarta

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From the cantinas of Guadalajara, to the opera houses of Europe, Jorge Jiménez is riding the wave to success.

“The last six months of my music career have been fabulous,” exclaims Jorge Jiménez, tenor, “Fabulous is the best word to describe it, it was wonderful.”

He spent the summer of 2010 mesmerizing audiences, conductors, directors and voice coaches in Germany, Italy, France and New York City’s Metropolitan Opera.

“It was an incredible experience in my life,” says Jorge, “To travel to those cities in Europe was magic.  I have no words to describe it.”

Jorge’s fast track really kicked off when he visited Puerto Vallarta in May 2010.  He performed at a gala fundraising dinner held at Hacienda Palo Maria.  His music enthralled the audience.  He also caught the attention of local impresario Phil Stewart, the event’s host, and his close friend the legendary, Vicki Carr, who made a cameo appearance during the evening.  Both encouraged and assisted Jorge with performances in the United States.  This included another large charity event, where he sang a duet with Vicki.  He also starred at the wedding of MGM Studios’ CEO.

His family played a large part in his life long musical journey.  As a small child, Jorge always listened to opera with his grandfather and later his parents encouraged him to sing.  His “big break” came during his sister’s wedding.

“I jumped to sing with the mariachi,” laughs Jorge, “And after that I sang in cantinas as I was there as a customer and I became the piano player’s friend and I made rehearsals to help lose my stage fright and after that I decided to take one year of my life and get serious about music.”

During this time, Jorge was studying medicine and doing his internship.  He has no formal music education and claims his schooling came from singing in cantinas and even on the bus.  His appreciation of music soon eclipsed his devotion to medicine.

Photo credit: Sean K Maxwell Photographer/ Fotografo -

“I started to organize my own concerts and sell tickets to my friends,” says Jorge, “I began with 100 people in little places and then I was selling 400 tickets, it was amazing how the singing has opened big doors for me in my life, like having a golden key.”

Jorge trains with some of the best opera voice coaches in the world.  His exceptional talent and range  continue to attract professionals, who wish to bring out his best.

Jorge’s exceptional talent as a tenor with a voice full of color and richness has been compared to several legendary performers.  Now is your chance to experience his magic, Running With a Dream at Teatro Vallarta on March 25, 2011.  The performance begins at 8pm and tickets range in price from $200 to $500 pesos.  Proceeds will benefit Asilo San Juan Diego and the SPCA de PV. Tickets can be purchased at Teatro Vallarta ( Cassandra Shaw Jewelry, Hacienda San Angel and Tropicasa Realty.

“I love to sing,” says Jorge, “I think it is the most candid way to express myself to other human beings, so when I sing, I can throw my problems to the wind.  I want to sing for more people, and I want to share my emotions with them.  I want to make them happy, and make them cry sometimes, make them nostalgic, that’s my future in singing.”

As implied by his Puerto Vallarta debut performance’s name, Jorge is certainly Running With a Dream.  A new Mexican national treasure and a voice to be recognized, Jorge Jiménez will capture the imagination of the world.

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