Mexico City Boutique Hotel Preps for Sept 16 Mexican Independence Day with Traditional Chile en Nogada

September 16 is Independence Day for Mexico, and the prime month to be in Mexico City if you’re looking to immerse yourself in Mexican culture.

The city celebrates their independence in the main plaza, which is filled with flags, festivals and authentic Mexican food. Las Alcobas, which is located in the upscale Polanco district, is a luxury boutique hotel that prides itself on making guests feel like they’re “coming home.” The management’s attention to detail and use of local products/ingredients within the room and minibar truly gives you the best of Mexican hospitality.

Fun tip: Dulce Patria at Las Alcobas will be serving an authentic Mexican dish, traditionally prepared and enjoyed in Mexican homes at this time of the year, in honor of the celebration: Joya del chile en nogada (Jewel of Chili Pepper in Walnut Sauce). Pomegranates and walnuts are in season in Mexico during August and September, and most restaurants only serve chiles en nogada during these months.
Chile en Nogada is an emblematic dish of Mexican cuisine. Many stories and legends have been forged that exalt it. The truth is that its colors are inspired by the Three Guarantees Army flag of Agustín de Iturbide and was indeed created by Catholic nuns. Today, preparing and embellishing this spectacular recipe is something I really enjoy because it reminds me of the Baroque period, fundamental in the history of Mexico — Chef Marta Ortiz, Dulce Patria  



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