The Real Heroes of Mexico: Meet Don Sergio Castro Martinez, Healer, Humanitarian in Chiapas

The Mexico Report Presents the “2013 Real Heroes of Mexico”
Meet Don Sergio Castro
San Cristobal de Casas, Chiapas

Don Sergio received the “Real Heroes of Mexico” award in 2012 and 2013.

Real Heroes of Mexico 2013 Awards

“Considered a hero in Chiapas, Sergio Castro has received numerous awards for his humanitarian and cultural work.  By training, he is a teacher, agricultural engineer, and veterinarian. By nature, he is a humanitarian, ethnologist and polyglot: He speaks Spanish, French, Italian, English, Tzotzil, Tzeltal and Lacandón Maya.  For more than 45 years, Don Sergio has built schools and water catchment and filtration systems for the indigenous villages and poor neighborhoods in San Cristobal de las Casas. Local Chamulas call him Yok Chij, Deer Foot, because he’s always on the go.  Currently, he spends most of his time providing medical and wound care to burn victims.” Don Sergio was nominated by Bruce Borden.


“Don Sergio Castro has been a humanitarian for 48 years. Originally from Chihuahua to complete his community service for his agronomy/veterinarian degree he went to Chiapas to help with the coffee crops and saw the need for clean water and schools in the villages he had worked. Starting out using his own funds he helped build these necessities as support from the government was lacking. Then one day a farmer was injured and he sutured and help heal his wound. From then on the locals in the area came to him for help.

In his life time he has helped build more than 25 schools, innumerable clean water systems and helped heal countless burn and various skin wounds and still does to this day without cost to the patient. His spirit, compassion and selfless use of his skills exemplifies a true humanitarian and an excellent representative of the Mexican people. Don Sergio speaks seven languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Lacandon Maya, Tzotzil, and Tzeltal. He is a hero of Mexico and most importantly, humanity. Don Sergio was nominated by Patricia Ferrer.

The Mexico Report's "Real Heroes of Mexico" Don Sergio Castro; Photo credit: Patricia Ferrer

The Mexico Report’s “Real Heroes of Mexico” Don Sergio Castro; Photo credit: Patricia Ferrer

 The trailer “El Andalón (The Healer) ” below is a video about the humanitarian efforts of Don Sergio Castro, created and produced by Veremos Productions. 

El Andalón (The Healer) – new trailer from Veremos Productions.

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