‘Hero Reports’: MIT Collaborates With Mexico Cities To Promote ‘Positivism’

In an article posted by The Huffington Post a few days ago, this title really caught my eye. To me, this is a shining example of how a positive action can create a ripple effect in the right direction.

According to the article,  MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Center for Civic Media has collaborated with local organizations to help promote a non-profit campaign called “Cronicas de Heroes/Hero Reports.” By reporting everyday acts of kindness (a.k.a. ‘positivism’), the effort sets out to prove that there are still ‘heroes’. The Hero Reports hopes to lift the morale of Mexican citizens through their crowd-sourced mapping project.

Hero Reports asks citizens to report moments when others make a difference. These can be small acts of kindness. Giving up a seat for a pregnant woman, holding the door for another, the hero who picks up a fallen child, the bystander who assists in a car accident.

This is exactly the kind of effort we love to see in the world and applaud this campaign wholeheartedly.

View original article here.

Hero Reports: http://heroreports.org

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    That is so cool!

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